New Transmission & Distribution

The additional capacity of transmission is planned to acquire a harmony between plant capacity, and load. The innovation from PLN to build Minimalist Power Substation will accelerate the transformation isolated load into grid load with fast and to upgrade a certain location that used to have very long and big electrical voltage decrease of 20 KV distribution. This minimalist Power Substation will continue to upgraded to a complete substation. With the development of renewable energy policy in the ministry of ESDM no. 31 / 2009, The small-medium power plant until 10 MW can be connected to net distribution of PLN.

With the use of smart grid distribution system, an advance information and communication technology provide by PLN, enabling power plant supplies responsive with current demand at certain location with fast and efficiently. The PLN distribution system will facilitate Private Party Power-Plant electricity produced to be used at its optimum performance. The future development of transmission and distribution will lead electricity produced by powerplant can be distributed in wide area